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Invoice System

1. How to get the invoice

After you finish your order online, if you need to ask for the invoice, please fill out the shopping information, in the "order postscript" message, and indicate the invoice, the invoice will be in 15 days or so in the form of registered mail sent to your hands.


1) the invoice for cosmetic doctor li special invoice, the invoice can be used as a unit for use.

2) an order corresponding to the invoice.

3) shipping fee included in the order invoice.

2. The invoice of the matters needing attention

1) invoice value can not be higher than the order amount.

2) the kims gift certificate to pay the amount of the part is not invoice. (e.g., doctor li points for the kims gift certificates)

Order total amount is 500 yuan, for example, using the kims gift certificate to pay 50 yuan, select after the invoice, the invoice amount is 450 yuan, does not contain the kims coupon amount paid $50.

3. The invoice looked up
Invoice looked up content can't be empty, you can write personal or company name
4.The invoice content: cosmetics. (lee doctor can prescribe only the special invoice for cosmetics)
5. To fill the invoice

1) invoice can fill order within 30 days of order.

2) repair invoice must provide "doctor li invoice" or detailed order information.

3) please provide the correct address, we will fill in the invoice send to you by registered mail way after,
will notify you by SMS or email form at the same time, please pay attention to check.

4) if there are any invoice looked up, content or the receipt of invoice amount when placing an order with you provided the project,
please contact the customer service center confirmed, will return the original invoice to li to reopen. You can send the invoice to the following address:

Refund/invoice receiving address a refund