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Delivery Detail

Low freight charges 15 yuan for each order (shopping full 600 yuan can enjoy free shipping services);

The delivery time
● Low payment before 16:00 every day will be on the same day processing and shipment, otherwise the next day delivery
● Every major holiday, may be 1-2 days late delivery, please understand, we will do our best to send as soon as possible!
● Low all of the goods ordered will be sent to you by the fastest and safest way to delivery (rather than letters) sent to the hands of customers. Receiving address in a municipality directly under the central government, provincial capital cities and order of the large and medium-sized cities will be through the Shanghai Gao Qi poem trade co., LTD. Is a network to send up to the rest of the orders will be through the Chinese postal service express delivery (EMS) to;
● "We can't will products sent to the address of the outside mainland China, also cannot be sent to a virtual address such as post office box. Apologize to such orders, we will contact the customer, and shall be cancelled;
2. The invoice of the matters needing attention
China regional specific arrival time is as follows (starting since the customer order of time)
● When all municipalities directly under the central government and provincial cities (with the exception of Lhasa) 1-3 days
● East China, central China, south China and north China cities 3-4 days
● The northeast, southwest and northwest cities 4 to 5 days
● Low township, town and rural 5-7 days
● Low in case of large festival, snow and ice, and so on and so forth for fog delivery delay, please understanding
3. The invoice looked up
● The default delivery for yuantong, to replace other Courier is in order, please note that.
● If your address is the villages and towns, not sure if in express delivery, and customer service to verify first, please.
● If not hair motion, send EMS, please fill the freight difference.