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Gentle Formula, Depilate with Ease, Mild


Product Information

Doctor Li Silky Depilatory Cream adopts a gentle formula, removes hair on limbs, armpits, bikini line and other parts of the body with ease. This silky depilatory cream makes skin clean and smooth; it dispels the trouble on excess hair and helps in slowing down the growth of hair in the follow-up time. The cream is rich of hydrating and soothing essences, cares skin meticulously, refines coarse pores, and provides you with an easy and pleasant depilation experience, to present silky skin. 


Usage Methods and Tips

1. After cleansing, apply Doctor Li Silky Depilatory Cream along the direction of hair evenly on skin, the thickness should be enough to cover the hair, about 2mm.

2. Wait for 8-10 minutes (skin with thicker hair, such us armpits, need 15-20 minutes, but no more than 20 minutes, avoid rubbing), then use curette or cleansing sponge wipe the cream away gently; if the hair can be removed easily, that means the depilatory cream is work, remove the surplus cream, and wash with water.

3. Please do not use whitening products with alcoholic ingredients or alkaline cleanser after depilation. Avoid being exposure to sun directly. 

4. Apply nourished and repaired lotion according to personal skin condition, makes skin soft and smooth.



Calcium Thioglycollate: soften hair gently, it is contributed to remove hair from skin, depilates skin quickly with ease. Meanwhile, it helps in slowing down the growth of hair, after that, the new hair will be softer.

Hyaluronic Acid: excellent hydrating and moisturizing essence, to make skin hydrated and soft instead of dry.

Bisabolene: soothing and hydrating, refining the pores after depilation, make skin smooth and delicate.